Prioritizing yourself over anyone else is crucial for your own wellbeing and happiness. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Your own needs are important

Minsan dahil sa gusto natin tumulong sa iba or dahil gusto natin i-prove natin yung worth natin sa iba, nakakalimutan na natin yung sarili natin. Pero pag di natin pinansin yung own needs natin and it can lead to burnout, resentment, and ultimately, unhappiness. By prioritizing yourself, tinatanggap mo na yung needs mo ay nag mamatter din tulad ng needs ng iba.

2. You can’t pour from an empty cup

Kung lagi mo iniisip yung needs ng iba bago yung sayo, malamang sa malamang ay maging depleted and exhausted ka. Kaya importante na i-maintain mo yung energy, motivation, and overall well-being mo.

I learned this lessoned the hard-way. Mas inuna ko i-prioritize yung iisipin ng iba bago sarili ko, mas pinili ko sumunod sa iba kesa sundin yung gusto ko. And I feel lost, I feel hindi na yun yung authentic self ko and I’m slowly drifting away from my own goals and happiness at naubos ako. It wasn’t until I started prioritizing my own self-care that I was able to regain my energy and start enjoying life again.

3. You deserve to be happy

Maraming tao dito nag struggle. Minsan kasi na gi-guilty tayo pag pina prioritize natin yung sarili natin kesa sa ibang tao. Pero natutunan ko na importante na iprioritize yung sarili kong happiness if I want to live a fulfilling life. This means doing things that I enjoy, spending time with people who lift me up and not the one who puts me down despite of my efforts, setting boundaries and disconecting with those who drain my energy.

4. Boundaries are important

Minsan may boundaries naman talaga tayo pero kulang pa pala kasi narealize ko may mga tao na won’t just respect your boundaries kung di naman clear sa kanila or talagang may mga taong disrespectful lang talaga when it comes sa boundaries (Narcicisst). Kelangan pala clear sayo yung boundaries and you need to say no when you need to, and you don’t need to feel guilty.

5. You are responsible for your own life

Madali i-blame sa ibang tao yung nangyayari sa sarili natin kung di natin macontrol yung mga nangyayari. Pero we are responsible for our own life and we have the power to make choices that aligns with are values and goals! This means we need to take ownership of our own happiness and well-being.


Prioritizing yourself over others may seem selfish but it’s not. It’s rather an essential aspect of maintaining a healthy and fulfilling life. Learn to set boundaries, say no when necessary, and prioritizing self-care are key components of putting yourself first.

Remember, you deserve to be happy and it’s up to you to take responsibility of your own life. By making yourself a priority, you can live a more fulfilling and meaningful life. So, start prioritizing yourself today and see how it can positively impact your life and those around you. Cheers!